Tornado Preparedness: Prepare for a Tornado Before Arrival

NYC getting ready for Hurricane_Shuttered rest.... . . Be Smart Be Prepared

Tornadoes destroy property and communities, they destroy family homes and even lives, and although there’s no way to stop a tornado, there are ways in which to prepare your property before the tornado arrives which can help with a bit of “damage limitation”. That’s about all we can do, damage limitation, but it can be very effective just the same.

Preparing For a Tornado – Damage Limitation

  • Tornado Proof your property. One of the major areas of damage in a hurricane storm is the windows . . . and permanent storm shutters do provide the best protection for your windows, , normal blinds or shutters won’t do the trick.  If you don’t have permanent hurricane storm shutters fitted then you can do a little DIY instead, a sheet of 5/8″ marine plywood to board up your windows might not look pretty but can still be effective. Have it cut and ready to install before the hurricane warnings start.
  • Tornadoes can also wreak havoc to the roof of your property – install additional clips or straps to ensure that the frame structure is securely fastened to the roof. This really will reduce the chances of roof damage to your property.
  • Tornadoes are also pretty handy at uprooting trees and shrubs before hurling them towards a property. Make sure that all of the shrubs and trees around your home are well trimmed and as safe as possible.
  • Hurricane storms bring with them lots of water . . . make sure that drains, downspouts and gutters are unblocked and ready for action.

Hurricane Storms are mighty and scary, and . . . well, they’re mighty scary . . . make sure that your family and your property are prepared to give you a chance to survive the next hurricane storm emergency.

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